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How to Improve Your Marketing [10 Blo...

How to Improve Your Marketing [10 Blog Articles]

I’ve been writing weekly on HubSpot’s Content Camp blog. Here are 10 blog articles that will help you improve your marketing. Topics include blogging, email marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing and content creation. 5 Email Subject Line Best Practices 12 Ways to Evergreen Your Content Use Thank You Pages to Promote Your Content 3 Steps […]

Creating and Maintaining a Blog: Cons...

Creating and Maintaining a Blog: Consistency and Quality

Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the best things you can do to drive people to your web site, have killer SEO, and create content on a regular basis. It’s fairly simple to create a blog; the critical part is maintaining and publishing content on a regular basis. That was on my biggest […]

The Glue of Inbound Marketing: Conten...

The Glue of Inbound Marketing: Content

Content is your best marketing tool. However, if you don’t produce enough or the right types of content then it could hurt you instead of helping. I take the less is more approach and quality over quantity. If you can only get one high quality piece of content created a month, its much better than […]

Educational and Funcational Content; ...

Educational and Funcational Content; Key to Social Media

Creating engaging content is the key to having people find and link to your web site. Content can take many forms and be used for different purposes. One of the best ways to use content is for educational purposes. The content should connect with the customer and draw them in to your web site. Here […]

Inbound Marketing: the Power of Targe...

Inbound Marketing: the Power of Targeting Your Message

Content and data are king. So much content can be created through gathering data to uncover insights on your target audience. There are several software-as-a-service platforms that collect all socialĀ conversations that are important to you. They collect conversations and data sources and categorize them by keywords and groups. It’s an extremely efficient way to keep […]