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Marketing is changing

By Mark Kilens / In Inbound Marketing / 1 Min Read

In a global economy with a great deal of abundance, the availability of goods is instantaneous. The everyday consumer is hit with new products and services constantly. Maybe it’s on the bus driving down the street, walking into your local grocery store, picking up the daily paper, or logging onto the internet.

With so many choices for the consumer, it is difficult to convey a message and have them remember the message. This message must create a trigger in their brain. The trigger creates a reaction; they need or want the product or service. They must act in some way: buy a product, visit a web site, get an idea. 

There are a lot of choices out there for the consumer, which pack of gum do I want, what computer should I buy, is that food really good? 

This has been accelerated by the internet. Inbound marketing, social media, and idea marketing are all connected to the internet and everyone can access the internet, at home, in the public library, on their phone. One friend says, “If you can't find it on the internet it does not exist."

They see your product on a blog with a good review, there’s a link. They click it and are instantaneously at your company. Now, they challenge is, just like a real store, you must serve and impress.

They are on twitter looking at someone's profile and see this great new service. Are sent to a landing page and sign up for a free trial. Now you must get them to spend money after the trial expires.

They are watching tv, hungry, and see a commercial with a burger for a dollar. They go buy it. Now you have to get them to buy another.

These are all examples of the three marketing techniques I will be discussing with you.

What ways are you connecting with your audience? What marketing techniques are you using?

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