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How to Create an Effective Website

By Mark Kilens / In Uncategorized / 1 Min Read

I've recently written several blog articles that describe how to create effective website pages. The first thing you need to do when creating or redesigning a website is to create goals for the website and a goal(s) for each page. Setting and documenting goals will help you setup and structure the website, and goals will teach you what you need to change in the future. They will be your guiding post.

How to Improve Your Marketing [10 Blog Articles]

I've been writing weekly on HubSpot's Content Camp blog. Here are 10 blog articles that will help you improve your marketing. Topics include blogging, email marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing and content creation.

Create a Unique Experience for Your Website Visitors

create a unique experience for your website visitorsYour company's website is usually the first impression a visitor will get of your business. The website must grab and keep their attention. From the first point of contact, you should strive to create unique content and messages that focus on what visitors need and want. The first step in creating a unique experience is collecting data about your visitors.

Listening: the Doorway to the Future

Listening the Doorway to the FutureCustomer service can be argued as one of the most important responsibilities of marketing. It can either be a company's best friend or it's worst enemy. People talk about their experience with products through hundreds of platforms and companies need to be listening and responding to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Landing Page Forms: What to Ask and How to Respond

Your website is the most important part of your inbound marketing or social media strategy. It must be optimized for SEO principles so people can find the site, it must have content that pulls people into the site, and it must have ways where those people can leave their information so you can contact them in the future.

What Marketers Can Learn From Apple

By Mark Kilens / In Inbound Marketing / 2 Min Read

What Marketers Can Learn From AppleConsistency and quality are the two most important things for product, marketing, customer service, and profit. This is very hard to achieve and requires amazing people, technology and a revolutionary vision. Apple has done all three of these things extremely well over the past 10 years and they’re continuously increasing and exceeding people's expectations. The funny thing is Apple is not a very transparent company. They don't disclose many things and their employees must follow strict policies, yet, that adds to the marketing machine that is Apple. Because of their secrecy people want to dig deeper and investigate further.

The Inbound Marketing Maze

the inbound marketing mazeWhere should you spend your time trying to target and interact in the millions of conversations going on? There's no simple answer to that question and it varies on dozens of factors. Factors that I'm still trying to figure out. Keyword searches is an easy way to determine where you need to be communicating and sharing content. So you find hundreds of places where you can could comment, share, or optimize to get the right people to start listening and responding to you. Again, now what?

Creating and Maintaining a Blog: Consistency and Quality

Creating and Maintaining a BlogCreating and maintaining a blog is one of the best things you can do to drive people to your web site, have killer SEO, and create content on a regular basis. It's fairly simple to create a blog; the critical part is maintaining and publishing content on a regular basis. That was on my biggest hurdles when I started this blog. You must commit to writing either once a week, a few times week, or almost everyday. You have to be producing high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Social Media, Storytelling and the Great Wind

Social Media, Storytelling and the Great WindStorytelling is one of the best ways a marketer can communicate their message. If you want to capture the attention and interest of your audience you must tell stories. This past Friday we had a very violent rain and windstorm that hit all of New England. Usually at this time of year we would be talking about a blizzard with people digging out for days. Not this time. Instead we got two to as much as seven inches of rain and hurricane-force winds. Northern New England, especially New Hampshire (NH) my home state, got hit very hard. In 2008 we got hit with an ice storm that knocked out power to more than 400,000 people in NH. Some people didn’t have power for weeks and everyone learned a lot from the great ice storm.

Targeting and Attracting: Top Ten SEO Techniques

Targeting and Attracting: Ten SEO TechniquesOptimizing your web site to promote and spread your content is extremely important. The only way people will find you and your content is if they can find it through search engines. Search engines make marketers lives so much easier than it used to be. Instead of you trying to find them, they find you. You pull them in to your web site by aligning your content with things that they are searching for. Usually the most effective keyword phrases are three or more words, also known as long-tail keywords. These are less competitive then keywords with one or two words, and offer a more precise way to target your audience.