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a TV Commercial for our Social Conversations

Social ConversationsOver the past few posts I have discussed social conversations, listening, reading, and planning. I watched the Super Bowl last night and was excited to see the Colts and Saints play, but more excited to see the TV commercials. Not because I wanted to laugh or figure out which one was the most clever, but rather to see what companies really get how to integrate traditional, interruption-based marketing with our online social conversations.

After watching a lot of the first and and second period I was not impressed with what I was seeing. Yes, some commercials had a landing page or a YouTube or Facebook link, but nothing really integrated with our social conversations. A more valuable use of a few million dollars would have been to announce that you have solved a problem for your customers. The problem was solved by listening, engaging and asking questions with them, using the Internet as catalyst for creativity. I know that sounds like a lot to fit into a 30 or 60 second commercial, but if you have the attention of almost your entire target audience, it's a no brainer.

The reason I know it can be done is because of Google's commercial they created for the Super Bowl. It conveyed a life story in 60 seconds. It's a great example how you can bring social conversations through the television. All Google did was take screen shots of their search engine to answer his questions. It demonstrated how Google was the place to get your questions answered. The underlining messages for businesses: you better get be or get on Google if you want your prospects or customers to find you. It's the same message I told you a few days ago. Go to Google, do some keyword searches, find your prospects and customers, listen, do your homework and start planning. Maybe one day you'll need a Super Bowl.

Mark K.

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