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Inbound Marketing: the Power of Targeting Your Message

Inbound Marketing

Content and data are king. So much content can be created through gathering data to uncover insights on your target audience. There are several software-as-a-service platforms that collect all social conversations that are important to you. They collect conversations and data sources and categorize them by keywords and groups. It's an extremely efficient way to keep everything organized from the time you find the conversation, to the time you start communicating. It will also help determine what they're needs are and you can then start developing valuable content. The content could be simply writing a blog series on what they're trying to learn, creating a presentation and posting it on SlideShare or use a Facebook fan page to start communicating with your auidence.

By trying to help and create a way to start a dialogue will help you find and connect with your customers much easier. Every marketer should be creating content on the Internet. It's one of the most cost-effective and simplest ways you can have people find you and get interested in your company. For example, if you're a travel agency, you should create content to help people that are taking vacations. Maybe it’s a travel expense template, trip planning checklist or a where to take a vacation blog series. It's so easy to create highly valuable content. I created that content by thinking of what I would need when trying to go on a vacation or a business trip and typed it into Google. The same thing a person buying or taking a trip would do. You know have pulled them into your company and you must make sure you keep them there and keep them coming back

Instead of trying to interrupt and get in the face of maybe your potential target, you can use the Internet to enable the conversation, to target your message to the right group by just using keywords. Use tools to help organize and collect all the conversations and data about your audience. Inbound marketing can help grow businesses by giving you insights into what your customers need and help answer some of your questions without having to do surveys or guess work. It will save you time and money, get conversations started and gain trust with your audience.

Mark K.

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