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The Glue of Inbound Marketing: Content

Content CreationContent is your best marketing tool. However, if you don't produce enough or the right types of content then it could hurt you instead of helping. I take the less is more approach and quality over quantity. If you can only get one high quality piece of content created a month, its much better than four poorly written pieces that could actually be hurting your brand or company's reputation. Content is the glue of inbound marketing. People start sticking to that glue by finding you through organic searches and referrals from other Web sites or blogs.

All other forms of marketing should help communicate and spread the content to your audience. The content should be the nucleus to your inbound marketing strategy. Here are ten easy ways to help get your glue to start sticking:

  1. Post a link on Facebook and use an eye-catching picture to get their attention
  2. Start a pay-per-click campaign with calls-to-action to download and share your content
  3. Create a survey about what your next piece of content should be and share some content at the end of the survey
  4. Make an educational group on LinkedIn with its purpose of learning and sharing content
  5. Collect ways people are using your free content to share with your audience
  6. Start a blog commenting contest to engage your blog readers and to find new ones
  7. Write a monthly newsletter to communicate your newest creations
  8. Create anchor text links inside your blog linking to your related content
  9. Tweet about a blog post and it’s value
  10. Use your blog e-mail and RSS subscriber list to share your valuable content

You must take action to get your content into the right peoples hands. Find, Listen, Develop, and then Share, your educational or functional content. If you do those four things, you'll start seeing incredible results.

Mark K.

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