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The Inbound Marketing Maze

the inbound marketing mazeWhere should you spend your time trying to target and interact in the millions of conversations going on? There's no simple answer to that question and it varies on dozens of factors. Factors that I'm still trying to figure out. Keyword searches is an easy way to determine where you need to be communicating and sharing content. So you find hundreds of places where you can could comment, share, or optimize to get the right people to start listening and responding to you. Again, now what?

Now you need to pick no more than five places where you should start to engage and share content. Your web site would be one of those places and SEO is the way to optimize it. The other places vary from company to company. Another place that every business should be part of is either Facebook and/or LinkedIn depending on it's industry and if it's a B2C or B2B company.

Other places can include blogs, photo sharing web sites, micro-blogging sites, directories, location-based sites, mobile platforms, the thousands of other places. I started with LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and a small amount of Facebook. I actually deleted my Facebook account after college and boycotted it until I started learning about inbound marketing and how it has changed marketing. I only use it for personal reasons and when I do, I primarily use it to send someone a quick message, share something I like or share one of my blog posts.

My favorite out of those four is definitely blogs because they can have so many different personalities. Twitter helps me find the blogs and LinkedIn helps answer my questions and connect me with people and groups. Those are some of the most common places to start engaging and sharing. How did you start engaging with social media platforms?

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