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What Marketers Can Learn From Apple

By Mark Kilens / In Inbound Marketing / 3 Min Read

What Marketers Can Learn From AppleConsistency and quality are the two most important things for product, marketing, customer service, and profit. This is very hard to achieve and requires amazing people, technology and a revolutionary vision. Apple has done all three of these things extremely well over the past 10 years and they’re continuously increasing and exceeding people's expectations. The funny thing is Apple is not a very transparent company. They don't disclose many things and their employees must follow strict policies, yet, that adds to the marketing machine that is Apple. Because of their secrecy people want to dig deeper and investigate further.

In the age of information super highway, Apple has created a consistent brand image, name, and engineers innovative products that are the revolutionary. Their products create enormous buzz (word-of-mouth) marketing and sets everyone's expectations very high. They create the products with high-quality materials and software that is easy to use and understand. By doing this, they restrict things that other platforms allow; one of the most talked about is Flash. In order to create a great experience, Apple engineers their products to different standards than mainstream products.

It's very important, but also difficult, to create a consistent experience, one that exceeds people's expectations and leaves them wanting more. It takes content, deliverability, and consistency to create a truly revolutionary experience. Apple has achieved with their products, service experience and deliverability. I used to be a campus rep when I went to UNH and they were in midst of launching color and flash-based iPods, and transitioning from IBM processors to Intel processors. It was a very important time for the company. They were releasing the most innovate products at the time with the most advanced technology available.

Jobs then took the company to the next level by creating a product that changed the game of an industry that has tremendous room to grow. The mobile industry has just started to catch-up to the computer and the marketing revolution. Apple doesn't and won't appeal to everyone. They're trying to create products that are easy-to-use, that have great customer service, and aren’t expensive (debatable). Every marketer should apply those same principles to their inbound marketing strategy.

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What Marketers Can Learn From Apple

What Marketers Can Learn From Apple

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