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Landing Page Forms: What to Ask and How to Respond

Your website is the most important part of your inbound marketing or social media strategy. It must be optimized for SEO principles so people can find the site, it must have content that pulls people into the site, and it must have ways where those people can leave their information so you can contact them in the future.

All must align and be easy to find, understand and receive. The website form is critical to having people convert from a visitor to a customer. Web forms can’t ask for too much information, but they need to ask for enough and instill confidence in the visitor that their information will be used appropriately.

A great web form is short, understandable, and delivers what’s promised after filling out the form. The following is a list of techniques you can use with website forms

  1. Must have a clear reason or call-to-action to why they should fill out the form
  2. Design them so they’re easy to understand and find
  3. Ask for just enough information so you can qualify them as a potential customer or existing customer
  4. Explain to them how their email address or phone number will be used
  5. Don't sign them up for an email newsletter unless the opt-in
  6. Don’t bait and switch, promising one thing and giving them something else
  7. Test website forms to find the right balance of questions
  8. Respond swiftly, if appropriate, for good customer service and to seize the opportunity for a sale

By applying these principles you'll get more high-quality web leads. This way you'll spend less time trying to find customers and instead they'll find you. You should have a plan that describes how to handle each lead so you can follow-up appropriately. The follow-up should be executed quickly and strategically so you can get the maximum value from the lead.

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Landing Page Forms What to Ask and How to Respond

Landing Page Forms What to Ask and How to Respond

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